What is self-regulated learning?

The amount of information in the world, and the ways to access that information, are growing at an exponential pace. Navigating, managing, critiquing, integrating, and producing information in this world requires that learners be active and thoughtful. When learning, they¬†have to resist the temptations of social media and gaming¬†to maintain focus on what they need and want to do. They must set clear goals, make efficient plans to meet those goals, use powerful and efficient strategies, monitor their progress, and adapt when their goals, plans, or strategies aren’t taking them where they need to go. We use the term “self-regulated learning” to capture these ideas, and base our work in the ideas and models of prominent scholars in this field including Barry Zimmerman, Dale Schunk, Phil Winne, Allyson Hadwin, and Roger Azevedo. Currently, we are studying how people self-regulate their learning on the Internet, and how to help them use that powerful, but sometimes dangerous, tool more efficiently.

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