CLICK Research Group Alumni

Dana Copeland holds a Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction.  She is interested in broadening the New Literacies discourse by contributing theoretical underpinnings of traditional literacy and motivation to existing components of self-regulatory learning and epistemic cognition within online reading and research. Specifically I am hoping to discover how students’ uses of text structure can inform reading processes and engagement in online research.

Vic Deekens

Vic Deekens holds a PhD in Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies.  Vic earned an MA in Educational Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation at UNC, an MS from the University of Maryland-University College, and a BS from the University of Virginia.  He has taught both introductory psychology and developmental psychology at the college level.  His research focuses on epistemic cognition, self-regulated learning, and new literacies, and the intersections between these three fields.

Nikki Lobczowski Nikki Lobczowski has a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies program from UNC-Chapel Hill.  She previously taught eight years of secondary mathematics.  Her research interests are social regulation of learning and computer supported collaborative learning.

Seung Yu

Seung Yu’s research interests regard the theoretical understanding and measurement of higher order thinking skills, such as epistemic cognition and self-regulated learning, particularly within the context of technology facilitated learning environments. He is experienced in the research design, collection, and analysis of think-aloud data and is a recent graduate of the Certificate Program in Survey Methodology awarded by the Odum Institute at UNC.