It’s been a minute. What have we been up to?

Welp, it has been a minute since we’ve posted updates (bad Jeff, no biscuit!) but trust us, we’ve been busy! Here are just a few of the things the CLICK Research Group has been up to lately:

  • Many kudos to now-CLICK-alum Rebekah Freed, who graduated from the Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies concentration of the PhD in Education here at UNC!
  • A team of CLICKers (Bekah Duke, Bekah Freed, Dalila Dragnic-Cindric, and Brian Cartiff) conducted a study of ego depletion effects upon both the processes and products of learning. Long story short: no evidence of ego-depletion effects, providing further fuel to the debates about that area of scholarship.
  • Linyu Yu, along with a whole bunch of CLICKers and friends, used process mining to examine how college students self-regulate their learning. Successful learners engage quite differently than unsuccessful learners, suggesting new ways of identifying the latter group and then providing them with support.
  • Jeff published an article on theory development.
  • We’ve presented a bunch of papers and posters at conferences including the American Educational Research Association and the American Psychological Association! Look for that scholarship to be published in journals in the coming year (fingers crossed!).
  • Finally, we’ve welcomed new CLICKers, who we will be featuring soon.

So, lots going on and that’s not even all of it!